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Paul Enright, Dipl. Acup. 

I graduated from the Midwest Center for Oriental Medicine with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine in 1998.  My training involved Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and included an internship in China.

I am a TCM acupuncturist and specialize in pain management, neurological disorders, women's health, sports medicine (did my master's thesis on acupuncture and sports medicine working with Olympic athletes), digestive disorders, stress and anxiety issues, smoking cessation and addictions.

I also work with Oncology patients at Memorial hospital in South Bend, IN.


$75 per appointment

(Monday, Wednesday, Fridays)

First appointment will be approximately 60 minutes.  Follow ups will be 45-60 minutes typically.  

Please note: Additional recommendations for TCM herbal formulas may be offered.  These fees shall be paid directly to the practitioner via cash or check only.  


Acupuncture as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system which works to restore balance in our bodies.  It is not designed to treat disorders but restore balance and thus clearing our “symptoms”.  This is a commitment as your body did not become out of balance in one hour, it most likely will not return to balance in one session. Understanding that Acupuncture is a process is vital. Our Acupuncturist is Licensed in the State of Indiana and board certified by the NCCAOM.   


  • Promotes and maintains wellness
  • Stimulates detoxification and elimination
  • Increases flexibility and performance
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces/eliminates headaches
  • Reduces/eliminates other pain
  • Improves digestion
  • Stimulates all body systems for improved overall health
  • Reduces cravings/addictions

Most NON-EMERGENCY complaints are reduced or eliminated with acupuncture, massage, and associated holistic treatment techniques.

Currently our Acupuncturist is accepting new and previous acupuncture clients of Ray of Light.  He will have available hours M, W, F to start and has additional options as the demand rises.  Please call 574-264-2600 to schedule your first appointment with Paul!  

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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