What is AquaCranial Therapy?

AquaCranial Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that supports your body's own natural healing. Aquacranial therapy assists your body to align with perfection.

 AquaCranial Therapy was created by Rebecca Goff from Maui, Hawaii. 


How does it work?

AquaCranial Therapy is a form of aqua therapy  conducted in the ocean or warm pool. The water acts as a conductor of the body's natural ability to heal, while allowing your body to fully relax and release old injuries, emotional pain and stress related muscles tightness.

Unlike traditional practices like massage or chiropractic, where you would be lying on a table, AquaCranial Therapy provides you an almost weightless experience to achieve complete relaxation throughout your body.

What can I expect?

As the client, you be floating with the assistance of flotation devices, allowing you to relax fully, and drift into peaceful serenity.  

As the healing facilitator, Anna will be at your side during the entire water session. Anna will use light pressure and at times you may barely feel her touch as she facilitates myofascial release throughout your body.

How long is a treatment?

An AquaCranial Therapy session is approximately an hour long. The water  treatment will be 30-35 minutes. You will  then rest quietly, with your eyes closed, at the waters edge or poolside for 15 minutes to complete your session. This resting time will allow the treatment to fully integrate.  

After an AquaCranial Therapy session you will want to "be kind" to yourself for the remainder of the day, and drink lots of fluids .  It is also recommend you refrain from physical excursion for at least 12 hours following an AquaCranial Therapy treatment.

How do I book an AquaCranial Treatment?

 Easy!  Click HERE!
Please note this service is offered at Shepard's Swim School off CR 17 in Elkhart. Address is 56199 Parkway Ave #13, Elkhart, IN 46516

AquaCranial Therapy Treatments Address &/or Reduce the Effects of the Following Ailments:


  • Chronic Neck/Back Pain & Inflammation of Joints & Soft Tissue

  • Headaches, Migraines, & Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

  • Sports injuries & Enhance Performance Conditioning

  • Mood disorders ~ Depression, Bi-Polar, & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • Memory & Cognitive disorders

  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

  • Ailments from Musculoskeletal, Central Nervous System (CNS) & Auto-immune disorders

  • Learning & Behavioral Impairments such as ADD, ADHD, & Autism

  • Chronic Pain & Inflammation of Joints & Soft Tissues

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Pregnancy-related physical and/or emotional issues

aqua cranial therapy

*Note: This service is provided offsite at Shepard's Swim School located at 56199 Parkway Ave #13, Elkhart, IN 46516.  In the plaza near the corner of CR 17 and Middlebury Street.

Inspire.  Support.  Empower

Anna Smith
Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Nutritionist
Life Coach​

Anna Smith is  a certified massage therapist trained in Hawaii with experience in Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Cranio Sacral. She also specialized in a water based therapy, called Aqua Cranial

While studying for her her Master's degree in Nutrition, Anna became interested in the healing arts.  The first technique she chose to learn was the Cranio Sacral from the Upledger Institute.  Then, after moving to Hawaii, she trained as a massage therapist with a local healer and swam with dolphins (literally) for her day job.  It was during this time, Anna was trained in Aqua Cranial (2,000 hours of training and practice).  She is thrilled to offer this service right here in our community!

Anna  completed her Master’s degree in Nutrition in 2007 and is a Certified Nutritionist, and Life Coach. She specializes in promoting healthy habit change and personal empowerment, with focus on  creating a healthy relationship with food.