Essential Oils are extracted  by methods of steam distillation, expeller press, or solvent extraction.  Most of the oils we carry at Ray of Light are either expeller pressed (such as the citrus oils) or steam distilled.  The oils are obtained globally by a local company with over 100 years of experience.  Each oil is rigorously tested in multiple ways to ensure purity and quality.  While there are multiple environmental factors which change slightly with each growing season, Essential oils obtained from specific botanicals contain generally the same chemical components and these tests ensure that when we order "Lavender" oil, that is precisely what we receive.  Each time we order from our supplier, they send us a certificate of analysis so we are assured the oils we use in session and offer to you are safe and effective and free from contaminants.  

You have probably heard a lot about Essential Oils from your friends, family, co-workers and the great wisdom of the internet!  But what the heck are these tiny bottles of good smelling stuff people keep carrying around?  Essential Oils are highly volatile oils which are extracted by various means from various parts of botanicals such as flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants.  Although they come to us directly from nature, they are extremely concentrated and powerful.  Most oils require nearly a pound of plant material to extract just ONE drop of essential oil!  Wow! 

Kris earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from BSU in 1999.  After studying the human psyche and the mind/body connection she decided to obtain her education in Massage Therapy.  She attended a 650+ hr certification program from the Center for Vital Living in Ft. Wayne, IN completing her education by the spring of 2001.  It was during her massage training that Kris was first introduced to Aromatherapy and the use of Essential Oils.  There was a certified aromatherapist on staff at the clinic in Ft. Wayne who spoke frequently with Kris regarding the proper use of oils.  During her whole career as a Certified Massage Therapist, Kris had dabbled in the use of essential oils.  Becoming curious about one or two oils at a time and learning the basics of combining oils to create different effects in the body during massage.  Her clients often comment about how good they smell after a massage.  

After over a decade of using oils in session, Kris decided in September of 2014 to seek out a self study program from a reputable educator to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.  Several days of research led her to the program with West Coast Aromatherapy.  This 650 hour course is one of the few and oldest recognized by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).  From organic chemistry to a break down of the oils and their uses, to practical applications and research assignments, Kris has been exploring essential oils and all things related for many years.  Now armed with a more formal education, Kris has begun to develop her own brand of essential oils which are certified pure from her local supplier.  Kris is also developing experience groups, workshops, and lectures regarding topics of Aromatherapy and Essential oils.  

“Join me on a journey to beyond the senses with safe and effective use of essential oils”.  

                        -Kris Losch, CCMA (in training)

kris lOsch

Owner, BS, CMT, Certified Aromatherapist


Inspire.  Support.  Empower

What Are Essential Oils?

Where Do Our Essential Oils Come From?

How Do I Know Which Brand To Buy?

This is probably the most commonly asked question.  It is so very important to note, Essential Oils and the Essential Oil industry is in NO WAY regulated especially in the USA.  Also important to note there are many EO companies on the market today which offer quality, pure, safe, and effective essential oils.  When we began the journey into the world of Essential Oils, we discovered right away the confusion in the market especially due to the lack of regulation. So, we decided to partner with our global supplier and develop our OWN brand!  So, now, when people ask us "What Brand of Essential Oils do you use?", the answer is "OURS!".  Soak Up The Light!

A WORD OF CAUTION:  There are brands of essential oils on the market, offering the same or slightly lower quality of oils (diluted or chemically altered) which will promise that they are the "ONLY" brand of oils that are pure on the market today.  This is simply not true.  This is a marketing tactic.  You will not see us promise that we are the ONLY brand of oils which are "pure", or "safe to ingest", "safe for use with kids", etc.  There are many oil companies on the market who offer pure, therapeutically beneficial, and safe essential oils.  We are proud to say WE are one of them.  

What is it?

Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils to address imbalances in our physical, mental, and emotional states.  Currently Kris Losch, CMT, Owner is a Certified Aromatherapist and finishing the course to become a Clinical Aromatherapist.  She creates all the essential oil blends, purchases all the oils from an international and reputable supplier, and oversees all the in house production of our Soak Up The Light brand of products.  Kris offers free Aromatherapy classes once per month to share her knowledge and experience with the community.   This page will continue to grow with more and more information about the simple yet powerful application of Aromatherapy.