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What can I expect from a reading/consultation?

You will speak directly with spirit beings representing your higher self/soul. They will point you exactly to the areas of misalignment as well as show you how to change your focus in order to create your desired end result. They are more solution-oriented than they are interested in proving to you that it is possible to see beyond your 5 senses but you will have fun with them and leave knowing they were right there in your mind with you as well as having a higher sense of their presence afterwards.

Who do you channel?

I have the ability to hear the spirit beings that make up my ‘soul’ layer of guidance and wisdom.  In the case of readings/consultations, the beings in my soul are able to access the soul family in your own aura and they pass along the voice of your individual soul wisdom. 

Will those that I have known who have passed over come through?

Not usually, unless there is a need for closure in some area.  In that case, one of the soul family representatives will pass along the helpful information. As per the wisdom of the channeled ones, the desire to reconnect to ones who have passed over is usually out of a need for reassurance that there is life after death – there is – we already know that.  Now it is time for more of the truth, which amounts to something like, “the need to feel your presence somehow takes me to a place of reassurance.”  The higher realms are now asking us to learn to find that peace in our present circumstances and from within.

Can I schedule a Past Life Regression?

Over the course of the last several years, I have noticed a change in the scope and character of past life regressions. Because of the anxiety level in the subconscious, which occurs as we undergo an ego realignment designed to raise our heart/emotional maturity with that of the mental mind, PLR material becomes tainted with the visions of the subconscious as it works to resolve the karmic residue (for this life) stored there – the top-most layer of our dream activity. Many will find it difficult to even quiet the mind sufficiently to reach the point of light hypnosis,  

Instead of the long, drawn out attempts to reach a point of Akasha that is not as readily open to us during the subconscious clean-up, we can do something the guides refer to as a ‘Progression.’ In these sessions, the guides will help you attain a higher vibration so that you can access a conscious communication with your own soul family group.  You can ask your questions and usually you will receive the answers yourself, but if there is a tinge of fear/anxiousness present, the communication may not be easily discernable. In that case, the guides will give me the answers you seek.

intuitive consultation with Rhonda rhose

There is a new chapter in our evolving consciousness that could use some additional exposure.  As a psychic reader of well over twenty years, I am seeing a never-ending stream of anxiety-ridden, sleep-deprived clients that are also beginning to sense the presence of spirit activity in their awareness channels. Dialogues with my invisible entourage have educated me as to the reasons for our PTSD and our over-active dream states, as well as knees that just won’t bend or shoulders that can no longer reach for life in the same old ways.  We are at the capstone of our consciousness pyramids, the point where we flip the ON switch to super-hero possibility, but to get there we will first have to endure a prickly subconscious swipe of our ego-protective defense mechanisms, the emotional motivations and resulting mental perceptions that cloud and distort our reality.

As a forty-plus year student of metaphysics and with over twenty years in the channeling field to guide my questions, my own mind is somewhat unusual at this moment but ten years from now it will be a conscious choice for many of us. I am dialed into the spirit realms where I consciously communicate with my soul guides, a higher wave of mind-possibility, 24/7.  Nix the idea that they want to guide us through our life choices; they really want us to think for ourselves. For the last several years I have taken the tour of my intuitive mind via an intensive spirit-led workshop where my new age belief systems crashed to the floor and had to be rebuilt on a higher level of truth than the old styles of interpretations and self-glorifications. The shedding of the ego is upon us here and now and the resulting shift can be somewhat un-nerving and painful.  I can assist you as you feel your way through this newly opening mind-doorway where ultimately you will find your own answers from within.