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Each Thursday morning, the farmers & artisans gather together to bring all of the items that you ordered and prepare for delivery.

Order from dozens of local farms & artisans. You pick the farms you want to buy from and what food you want for the week.

Online Shopping.

Step 3: Delivery or Pick up

Once Market Wagon collects all your items, your order is delivered to you in an insulated tote, ready to put away in your kitchen when you get home.  You can choose home or office delivery for a small fee or FREE delivery to Ray of Light!  

 Browse local, farm-raised and artisan products—eggs, produce, meat, baked goods, and more.  Market Wagon delivers to the Ray of Light Holistic Health Center for FREE – a huge savings for you! You’ll get an email notification the morning of delivery and a text when it arrives. Just head over there before they close up for the day and pick up your insulated bag. They’re open until 7:00 on Thursday evenings. Keep in mind, there are no minimum order sizes, no subscriptions, and no long-term commitments. Buy what you want, when you want it.

In our constant effort to support ourselves, each other, and YOU in the journey towards healthy living, we have partnered with Market Wagon!  They are new to our area but are a fast growing awesome resource for eating nutrient dense, locally sourced, delicious food!  The best part?  They DELIVER!  You can shop from your couch, cell phone, or office, pay online and have it shipped to your home or office (for a small fee) or to Ray of Light for FREE!  The best part is our partnership includes our Ray of Light product so you can have our products delivered right to your door if you choose!

So, how does it work? 

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Local Food.

Step 2: Vendors Gather

Step 1: Shop Online