As always, our online store is available for pick up or shipping your favorite Soak Up The Light brand products.  Essential oils, Lotions, Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salts, Beard & Shave oil, soap, and more are all available for you 24/7!  

Introducing Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics!  While we all prefer to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our food and drink each day, we live in a complicated world these days and sometimes we need support.  Quality supplements are an excellent way to support your body with all it needs to live your best life!  We have joined with Emerson to offer the same professional grade supplements direct to YOU!  Sign up is fast and easy and once you have an established account, we can actually make recommendations for you based on your specific needs!  Shop from your couch, delivered to your door, supported by Ray of Light's expert team!  

Inspire.  Support.  Empower

While we ADORE seeing your faces when you come in to shop with us, and talking about good foods and supplements, we also know that your time is precious!  We are establishing some very exciting partnerships to help streamline some processes for all of you and all of us here at Ray of Light!  

Shop Online

Introducing Market Wagon!  Your one stop shopping for local produce, meats and cheeses, and so much more delivered here for FREE or to your home for a small fee!  Soak Up The Light products will also be available for purchase through their online store for delivery to your home for less than we have to charge!  How awesome is that!?!?  Meaningful grocery shopping from your couch, delivered to your door or ours (FREE).