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sutl pure  Essential oils

Buddha CBD Teas

Buddha brand teas have been vastly loved for many years, now they offer you 4 choices of water soluble CBD oil infused tea!  What a beautiful way to have a cuppa while soothing those achey muscles, calming that headache, or quieting your monkey mind. Matcha Green Tea, Turmeric & Ginger, Chamomile, and Peppermint Tea options.  

Aromatherapy Misters 

Personal or room sprays made similarly to the bug spray.  These smaller travel sizes fit easily in your purse or briefcase.  Great for personal use, to freshen bathrooms or vehicles, to enliven and refresh, or to quiet the mind.  Safe for use with pets and small children (not for internal use).  

4oz bottles/$10.00


Soak Up The Light

The Soak Up The Light (SUTL) brand was born from our desire to encourage our clients to take a piece of their peace and healing home with them.  As a massage therapist for two dozen years, our owner  saw the incredible value of our services  impact thousands of people's lives.  Having a small piece of their "happy place" to take home in the form of a cup of tea, aromatherapy candle, or a bottle of lotion became a great thrill for our clients.  As Christmases came and went, we became a popular local small business to support while finding special gifts for our client's friends and family.  The brand shifted once our owner began her formal education in the world of Essential Oils.  It became quite clear that the powerful and natural components in essential oils would expand our horizons.  We found our supplier and converted a handful of oils from the previous brands we used.  The results?  ASTOUNDING.  Not only could we offer a wider variety of pure essential oils, we could do it for a smaller cost to the consumer!  

The creations we now offer at Ray of Light  are hand crafted, holistic, and fun for all of us!  Our hand made personal care products such as lotions, bath salts, sugar scrubs, body oils, aromatherapy misters, bug spray, and body butter allow for our clients (and now national customers) to enjoy a little piece of Ray of Light at home and on the go!  We strive to offer quality, locally made, and affordable products which have been thoughtfully researched and developed.  Are there items you would like to see us provide?  Please give us a call, email, or mention it to your teacher or therapist.  All the products currently available are from client request.  We grow when you ask us to provide something new.  Shop online (we ship or you can pick up at your next appointment) or shop at your next class or therapy session.  Here is an overview of just some of the products we offer.  Shop our online store for a more extensive look or stop by for a personal shopping experience! 

Body Butter

Take our lotion base, add some unrefined cold processed Shea butter, some pure essential oils, and a good blender and what do you get?  Body Butter!  Thick, creamy, and scented in our signature scents, these butters are PERFECT for the winter months or for those with more dry skin.  Renew and nourish your skin with any of our signature scents.  Available in 4oz and 8oz.  

Sugar Scrubs

Our sugar scrubs are made with organic cane juice crystals, our professional massage oil blend, and pure essential oils.  These products are made in most of our signature scents and in 4oz or 8oz containers.  (Larger amounts are available upon request. Production time required) Just a small amount of these invigorating and or relaxing scrubs can leave the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  

Bath Salts

A blend of therapeutic grade Epsom salts,  Dead Sea Salt, and Himalayan sea salt with our pure essential oils, our bath salts can soothe achey muscles, release tension, and restore balance to your tissues.  We offer a multitude of our our custom blend scents. 16 oz  These also make great gifts for friends, family, and co workers.  

Our products

Palmetto Harmony Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Palmetto Harmony™ strives to be the leading industry provider of all natural essential life oils cultivated with only organic practices. 

All of the Palmetto Harmony™ line of products are third party lab tested by an ISO certified lab for consistency and safety, no corner is cut or expense spared in the making of any product.

The plants are grown with one hundred percent organic practices and they only use combative pests instead of chemicals as pesticides. 

They strongly believe in lab testing each batch and providing those tests to anyone upon request. Every batch produced is tested for not only cannabinoid content and terpenes, but also mold, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, herbicides and residual solvents.

​Read more or contact them directly HERE


The incense lines we offer at Ray of Light have been vetted for proper creation.  Many incenses on the market today have been created using unnatural oils for fragrance and additives which can be hazardous to our health.  All of our incense brands are created by hand rolling (not dipped) natural resins from sources such as herbs and spices, barks and naturally occurring gums.  

Men's Line

Dudes like to smell good too!  We have created 3 distinct product lines from all natural carrier and essential oils  with you in mind.  Shave oil for a smooth, pain free shaving experience.  Beard oil to tame the mane and soften the hair.  And lotion to moisturize the skin.  All 3 of these creations are available in either Pine Forest or Desert Citrus scents.  4 oz bottles. 

Meditation aids - Singing  Bowls and Tingsha Bells

We have long been lulled into relaxation and meditation by our singing bowls and tingsha bells.  We are happy to say we have partnered with Kheops International for supply of a few of each of these products hand crafted by the masters and shipped to us for you!  Not sure how to use these items?  Stop in for a tutorial and let your bowl find you!

other products at ray of light

Our Vendors

The products we offer from other vendors have been researched extensively for quality and cost.  The relationships we build with outside vendors from our containers and packaging to our soaps,  incense, and spiritual support lines, are incredibly important to us.  We want to ensure we are offering the best quality products to you as well as supporting vendors who share our same mission and vision.  

aromatherapy creations

Natural Soap

Our soap line made by Old Fort Soaps in Ft. Wayne, has been a staple for over a decade.  Our soap makers keep in mind our mission and create natural soaps with your skin's needs in mind.  They keep their products affordable so they are reasonably priced on the shelf as well.  OFS is always striving to improve their creations and offer new exciting scents to our already extensive line of soap!  Gary and Hagan are committed to providing natural soap for your natural skin!

Aromatherapy Roll Ons 

Aromatherapy on the go!  Pure essential oil blends in a convenient roller bottle.  Use as a perfume, therapeutic tool, or just for fun!  Our essential oil blends set in sweet almond oil as a base are already safely diluted for your ease of use.  Roll on to pressure points or anywhere just for fun!  (Some are not appropriate for use during pregnancy).  10 ml

for a complete list of our hand crafted creations visit our 

Bugger off! 

Bug spray that smells good too?  We have researched the essential oils which can  help repel fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitos, and more!  We combined these oils in a way which smells delightful and set in distilled water.  We do recommend spot testing your clothes before use as some of the oils are naturally dark in color.  You may have to use more liberally or more frequently than the chemical version but you can rest assured that our bug spray will not cause damage to your cells and it works!  8oz

Skin nourishing Lotion

Our lotions are created by combining pure essential oils with a professionally developed essential fatty acid lotion base.  We process these lotions in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.  Because our lotion does not contain an excess of preservatives, it does have a shelf life a bit shorter than the typical store bought brands.  We like to see our lotions fulfill their destiny and actually be used by those who purchase them!  Renew and nourish your skin with any of our signature scents.  Don't see a "flavor" you are looking for?  Just ask!  We make custom blends too!  (Production time required).  

We use our pure essential oil line (SUTL brand) to create personal care products for fun and therapeutic impact! Below is a list and brief description of each of the style of creations we offer.  Don't see something you want?  Just email or call us, we custom create as well!  Enjoy!

Developed by our own in house Certified Aromatherapist, our brand (SUTL) Soak Up The Light Essential Oils are some of the most pure oils on the market today.  How do we know that?  Our supplier has been in business for over 100 years, is one of the top 5 international purchasers of essential oils, and provides us with several pages of certifications of purity for every bottle of oil we purchase.  The oils are then transferred directly or blended together in our signature blends to offer you an affordable and therapeutic line of essential oils for all your at home aromatherapy needs!  FREE classes are offered several times per year for you to understand the safe and effective use of these natural oils.  

Aromatherapy Inhalers 

Aromatherapy on the go!  Pure essential oil blends in a convenient inhaler.  Use several times per day for an uplift to your spirit, stimulation to your immune system, opening of your sinuses, control your appetite or just for fun!  If used regularly, these inhalers can last a month or so.  (Some are not appropriate for use during pregnancy).  

Aromatherapy Diffusers

We have partnered with GreenAir for our aromatherapy diffuser line.  They have a 100% guarantee on their products and we have had great success with this line.  Our customers are thrilled so that makes us thrilled for them!  If there are any issues, you can contact the company directly and they will replace no questions asked!  We have diffusers for the car, home, office, or travel!  What a great way to incorporate SUTL Essential Oils into your everyday life!  

CBD Products

Our owner spent nearly a year researching the right company with which to partner to offer a high quality and affordable CBD product line.  We have combined two companies to offer you a wide range of options. 

Massage & Body Oil

Similar to our body lotions, our Massage and Body Oils are made from a professional quality oil blend and pure essential oils.  We also process these oils in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.  This is the oil blend that many of our therapists use in session.  It is an oil however the blend is water soluble so it will not stain your clothes or sheets.  With top notch glide and a smooth and non greasy finish, this oil is perfect for professional as well as at home use!  Generally we encourage use within 6 months of your purchase.  Renew and nourish your skin with any of our signature scents.  8 oz bottles (Larger sizes available for professionals). Don't see a "flavor" you are looking for?  Just ask!  We make custom blends too!  (Production time required).