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Upcoming 2018 Dates:

Tuesdays from 5:30pm-7pm

June 26th - Summer Essentials

July 31st - Make and Take ($5)

August 28th - Back to School

September 25th - Stress & Anxiety

October 30th - Stress & Anxiety 2

November 27th - Oils for the Holidays

No charge for the education/experience.  Cost of materials may apply. 

Below you will find our public calendar with our schedule of yoga classes, wellness education workshops, support groups, and more.  Click on the class or group description for more information!  We look forward to seeing you in our new space!

We are pleased to provide a beautiful and peaceful space for groups, workshops, continuing education and other public and private events.  Please note for each event, the specific registration requirements.  Check back frequently to see what's happening and if you don't see something you are interested in teaching, learning, or experiencing, let us know!  Part of our mission is to provide wellness education and experiences for our community and beyond!  

Are you one of the many people fascinated by the power of Essential Oils?  Confused by the many messages you receive from the marketplace, friends or neighbors about how to use these natural and powerful substances?  Not sure where to start on your journey?  This is the group for YOU!  

Led and monitored by Kris Losch, BS, CMT, and Certified Aromatherapist  you will have the opportunity to explore the many wonderful ways that using aromatherapy and essential oils can help improve your life experience!  Our focus will be on debunking some of the confusion in the marketplace as well as teaching and guiding participants in the Safe and Effective use of Essential Oils at home!  

Already use oils regularly?  GREAT!  Join us and share your experience with those who are just getting started.  

Aromatherapy 101 Group