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A word from a client....

"Great stretching of every muscle and joint in the body without any of the work.  I'm hooked and find it so beneficial in keeping me moving and pain at bay"

                                              -Linda B, Elkhart, IN


$75-1 Hour

$100-90 Minutes

What is it?

Thai massage is influenced by acupuncture, herbs, and Tui-Na Massage from China as well as Ayurvedic Massage and yoga asana (postures) from India.  Thai Massage is based on the holistic point of view, addressing the whole person; the body, mind, and spirit.  This Eastern influence is seen in the theory of energy pathways, called meridians in China, nadir in India, and sen lines in Thailand.   Any imbalance or blockage in the flow of energy through these pathways can result in disease, pain, or tension.  Opening and glancing the flow of energy promotes health, vitality, and well being.  

The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes Thai Massage unique and so effective.  

Thai Massage relaxes the body and increased flexibility and awareness.  The client not only feels good on a physical level, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  The primary intention of the massage is not to cure diseases but to maintain good health and well being of an individual.  

thai yoga massage

Inspire.  Support.  Empower

What to expect during a session

It's recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing, longer pants and shirts with sleeves.  The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.  A comfortable cushioned floor mat, blankets, and bolsters are used to facilitate the massage.  Normally, the session starts from the feet and moves upwards to the head with slow passive movements to loosen the body in a rhythmic, soothing manner.  The yoga movements are created to help both the therapist and the client and are combined with acupressure to enhance the massage.  The client requires no yoga experience.  It is also advisable not to eat a few hours prior to the massage.