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90 min        $85

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Jennifer Demerly
Certified Massage Therapist

AKA “Chinese Massage Therapy” is one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese medicine.  Although it’s roots are ancient (dated back to 3000 bc), it is still a new modality in the west.  Tui na differs from other forms of massage in that it is used to treat specific illnesses of an internal nature as well as muscular skeletal ailments.  

Tui na Benefits

  • Promotes and invigorates the flow of blood and energy through the body.  
  • Regulates the flow of blood and energy or qi (chee)
  • Harmonized yin/yang energies of the body
  • Releases and relaxes the meridian channels (energetic circulatory system of our bodies)
  • Lubricates and facilitates the movement of the joints

The Tui na Experience

This practice is done clothed on a massage table and the practitioner will facilitate a session including addressing chronic pain, lack of circulation, fatigue, etc.  The techniques applied include manual manipulation of the soft tissue of the body (muscles, ligaments, tendon, fascia, etc).  These applications include pressure points, compression, rocking, vibration, etc. with the goal of releasing stuck energy and balancing the body, heart, and mind.