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A word from our students:

"Since starting yoga, I have less back pain and noticed a difference in my flexibility after the first few weeks.  But the best thing about yoga, for me, is learning how to breath and relax and being able to use that throughout the rest of the week. The atmosphere at the Studio is so relaxing.  The lighting sets the relaxing tone and even the smell is calming.   If you are thinking about starting yoga, just do it!  No matter what your yoga experience is, everyone could benefit from yoga.  Beth is a great teacher for everyone.  No matter what level you are at she will work with you.  She also teaches what the next steps are, so you can practice and keep learning.  She helps to create a relaxing, nonjudgemental atmosphere that would make everyone comfortable."                                -Lori P

 "Yoga has given me a greater appreciation of myself.  It has helped me become much more aware of a mind/body connection and has enabled me to pay attention to various muscle groups, where I tend to hold my tension, and how to release that tension.  It has also helped me recognize and release emotions.  I first became aware of Ray of Light through Acupuncture.  I decided  a few  years ago that I wanted to ry yoga but it took me several years to actually begin.  I tried The Studio because I was familiar with and trusted services at Ray of Light.  I felt instantly connected with Teri as my first yoga instructor.  I like that she is down-to-earth, friendly, caring, and encouraging.  I also like the other teachers too.  I feel very comfortable and welcome at The Studio.  I have encouraged many of my friends to try yoga at The Studio.  I tell them that yoga is relaxing and energizing, easy, yet challenging.  It's fun to find out what our bodies are willing and able to do with a little patience and practice.  Ray of Light offers the perfect yoga practice for me at this point in my life journey.  It is an integral part of my learning and personal development.  I am grateful to have found Ray of Light, Yoga, and Teri just at the right time.  By the way, Friday morning is a wonderful time for me at the end of a busy week and the start of a re-energizing weekend."                                 -Cathy B

"I first met myself on the mat through an incredible experience with Linda Hardy.  She practiced in a special room in her home and I was referred to her by my mother for a special yoga experience.  I felt instantly at ease with Linda.  She led me through a very powerful experience connecting me with my breath and body and heart.  I felt relaxed and more in tuned with myself when I left.  I am so exciting to have found her again practicing here at Ray of Light.  I would encourage anyone with any level of experience to try her classes.  You won't be disappointed!"                                                  -Kris L.

"The effort to understand yourself is yoga. Be a yogi, give your life to it, brood, wonder, search, till you come to the root of  error and to the truth beyond the error."- Nisargadatta Maharaj



Pricing is now set by our individual teachers.  See below for the schedule of classes.  Click on the class title for more information.  

Teri Dobson: 574-326-8701

Linda Hardy: 574-340-1120

What is it?

Yoga, as practiced here at Ray of Light, is a way of life.  It is a journey into mindfulness, self acceptance, and non judgment.   Yoga practiced here is a blend of Classical Yoga or Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga yielding a beautiful combination of moving the body through asanas with focus on the breath and emphasizing the benefits of meditation for spiritual self-realization. Yoga is a movement toward enlightenment.

Although is has experienced a great rise in popularity for the physical benefits of toning and lengthening muscles, the practice of yoga is much more than a physical one.   We help you explore layers  of yourself and your relationship to the world around you.  

We have all the gear you need to practice the physical movements (asanas) safely and comfortably.  All you need is yourself and to be willing.  Dress comfortably.  Leave your cell phones and your to do lists at the door.